Wednesday, November 23, 2011

40PROOF2: Loftons cassette $5

Loftons - vivid girl by 40PROOF

"From the barren Stockton, CA, four piece Loftons offer a mixed bag in their first release 'Murked' that exceeds the noise played out by so bands whose prominence is questionably deserved. Bestowing us with six genuine cuts, this album does anything but sit still. From the danceable surfy riffs on “Vivid Girl” to the more melancholy croon of “Breathe”, Loftons treat us to an album too versatile for one stand-out jam. To throw a genre on this does it no justice, yet confirms that the Loftons are not to be dismissed to the mundane wave of junk released this year. " - Marc Matchak, Codeine sipper/Bong ripper.

50 made, insert, double A side, ~17 minutes

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  1. These will make great stocking stuffers this holiday season . . . can't go wrong with the Loftons.


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